Many years ago. You were known as a mighty war general, a royal diplomate… Above all that you were also known as chosen of the sun. Those years ended with the fall of all chosen of the sun.
Rumour say that some solars didn’t die. But, they betrayed their brothers and sisters. The dragon-blooded took was one of the major reason of the solar’s fall, took the opportunity and gain power they even rises an ay against the lunars. But the lunar were go in survival take to there instinct. They turn in the wyldlands to protect them self except they were not protected by the wyld.

Then a new age have begone. With the Dragon-blooded at the summit of power. Order a man hut against the remaining solar, lunar and some other exalted being.

Thus you are born. You have lived a normal life, a farmer life, a noble lived. Whatever who you are, it it not your true you. You were chosen by an ancestor or just a legend of the first age. Since then your life have change. All of what make you is change now. The dragon-blooded seek your head on a silver platter, the abyssal want to kill you and many more. Your a wanted person. But, this curse don’t come without a gift. You have also received godhood power of ancient legend… It is now time to write your own legendary tales.

Exalted: the fall of the dragon